Local Government & Public Services

ISfL is a partnership of the willing drawn from the London wider public sector. As such its membership is made up of representatives from all of London’s 32 boroughs plus the City of London Corporation, Met and City Police, London Fire Brigade and at one time or another have had representatives from NHS organisations, Transport for London and the London Ambulance Service. Of late we have enjoyed representations from charity sector organisations.

Central Government

ISfL (originally the London Connects WARP or LCWARP) was born out of a joint venture between central and local government. As a result, the group has always enjoyed good engagement with various different central government departments and agencies. We have regular attendance from the NCSC and enjoy ongoing relationships with the Cabinet Office, GDS, PSN, CPNI, CESG and GCHQ and the relationship that we have with them (particularly the newly established National Cyber Security Centre) ensures that the group is always well informed. ISfL is often the first group to work with central government on new IA initiatives.

The Private Sector

Throughout ISfL’s existence, we have been supported by suppliers who sponsor and host our meetings. There are too many to mention individually, here, but SBL (Software Box Limited) of York stands out as helping us with our conferences and much more. Also industry people/partners such as Graeme Stewart, Hytec, Devosec and of course Mark Brett of Silverthorn/S3C without whose drive and determination, the London WARP would not have been set up in the first place.

Other WARPs

We work closely with other WARPs across the country such as those falling under the banner of the NLAWARP (Wales, NWWARP, EEWARP etc). There are also WARPs in Kent, the South West, the Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber. Members from ISfL have presented to members of other WARPs and this, in turn, has been reciprocated. We look forward to more of this type of collaboration in the future as the WARP movement seeks to grow and develop to meet the cyber resilience threat.