Information Security for London (ISfL), founded in 2003, the original and first WARP (Warning, Advice and Reporting Point) setup to broker secure information sharing between the London boroughs, has grown to work and serve the wider public sector community in London and draws its membership from this sector as well as the major charity and third sectors.


ISfL Annual Conference 2023 March

On the 2nd March our annual conference took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London. With squeezed budgets and scarce resources we explored the theme of managing SecOps and doing more with less.

We had a fantastic day and it was so good to see representatives from seven different WARPs from across the country. The ISfL Steering Group would like to thank all the speakers for giving up their valuable time and to Socitm and all the exhibitors, whom without their participation, there would have been no conference. Lastly, we thank the delegates themselves for attending. We hope that you enjoyed the day and got something valuable out of it. We are already looking forward to next year!

COLLABORATION: ISfL seeks to support the pooling of its members efforts by working together to achieve the same information security goals. In this way the group makes the most of shared knowledge and experience, saving time and money.

ISfL collaborate wherever possible and have achieved a number of success stories including a well received and popular annual conference, the ISfL Protective Marking Methodology and the ISfL BYOD Toolkit as well as raising skills and awareness in the areas of information assurance, governance and security.

ISfL sees itself as a leader in public sector cyber security thinking, and embraces its WARP roots in working with other public sector WARPs in the UK.

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