PARTNERS:  ISfL works closely with its public sector partners including the Cabinet Office, CESG, CPNI, GLA, Health and the emergency services. There is also a good working relationship with the private sector. Suppliers to the public sector have the opportunity to sponsor ISfL events and we have worked closely with a number of companies over the years to further develop their products and services.

COLLABORATION: When it becomes apparent that several boroughs are working on a similar piece of work, it makes sense to pool our efforts and work together to achieve the same goal. Collaboration is efficient, makes the most of shared knowledge and experience and saves time and money. ISfL collaborate wherever possible and have achieved a number of success stories including the ISfL Protective Marking Methodology and the ISfL BYOD Toolkit.


In June, London became the first region in the country to migrate all 33 of its local authorities across to the PSN network. This achievement is thanks, in part, to the collaboration between members of ISfL which ensures that any help required in PSN compliance is available.